Leading with Love

What’s the most unexpected place you have spotted love in your own leadership? In a world that seems so hostile and grim, Matt de la Pena’s new picture book, Love, with stunning artwork by Loren Long, reminds us that love takes on many forms and can be found in the most unexpected places. Readers at any age will connect with this story that carries us from the day we are born throughout the years of our childhood and beyond.

This book portrays the light and darkness of everyday life and how love from people, places and unexpected things can help pull us through the darkness. It is a book that is both a mirror and a window for many.

This February, our focus is leading with love. We know that real leadership begins with relationships, and that includes the relationship, and the love, that you have for yourself. Join us as we challenge ourselves to look for love in the everyday extraordinary. Find love wherever it makes an appearance. Recognize it, appreciate it, and then spread it around.

Download these quote cards  to help you lead with love in the most unexpected of places. The desk of a colleague, the lunch of your spouse, or tucked inside your own notebook.

Let’s lead with love every single day. There are so many ways we can share this big, beautiful thing that bonds us all together.

Start small. Start right now.



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