6 Ways to Break the Grip of Fear

Let’s face it, fear can be paralyzing. We’re afraid of being embarrassed. We’re afraid of being the bad guy. Of hurting someone’s feelings. Of going against the status quo. So we become stuck. People make decisions for us. We avoid difficult conversations. We limit ourselves, and our dreams fade away.

Or worse. We become silent. We stop standing up for what we believe in.

As January approached, I was prepared to begin The Imperfection Challenge. I planned on trying something a little uncomfortable each day. I’m an introvert, so things like small talk, talking to people I don’t know, and going to large gatherings or parties are out of my comfort zone. These are the things I was going to confront this month.   But before I even started, I got sidetracked. Some events occurred that planted seeds of doubt in my mind, and those seeds turned into fear.

Now I’m reflecting on how I can continue to move past the fear that caused me to be stuck for the past month. The events that planted the seed of doubt are not the important part. We all experience a variety of things that allow fear to settle in our hearts and minds. The important thing is that we push through the fear and come out a better, stronger person.

Acknowledging fear can help you overcome it and help you get moving again. So I did some reading and listening and learned some strategies to help me loosen the grip of fear.

6 Ways to Break the Grip of Fear

Fear can be subtle or in-your face powerful, but what is important is that you recognize it. Fear can be a temporary feeling, but resiliency is permanent.



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